KDE4 printing: results of IRC meeting

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Fri Sep 14 23:04:56 BST 2007

On Friday 14 September 2007 23:57:41 Bart Coppens wrote:
> On Friday 14 September 2007 23:51, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > KDE Libs 4.0's printing will work only on Qt 4.3.2 because it will do
> > a very ugly hack of modifying QPrintDialog. If you upgrade Qt without
> > upgrading KDE, you will very likely lose those extra configuration
> > pages. (Which Windows and Mac users won't be seeing anyways)
> Wow. This completely defeats the idea of backwards-compatibility. 
> Purposely depending on code of which you know it will be
> ABI/API-incompatible in the next release sounds like a *very* bad idea
> to me.

This is all Qt introspection. So its only behaviorally incompatible.

The only alternative is to not have anything in 4.0.  I convineced Thiago 
this afternoon that if the choice is "No extra dialogs" or "dialogs for a 
pretty large subset of our users" I'd go for the latter option.

I know, its not a perfect solution. But its a solution that will help us 
get to the pretty solutions that we want.   Hang in there, happyness will 
happen soon :)
Thomas Zander
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