KDE4 printing: results of IRC meeting

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Fri Sep 14 20:22:46 BST 2007

On Friday 14 September 2007, Thiago Macieira wrote:

> Here's the proposal:
> 1) KPrinter goes away
>   It is replaced completely by QPrinter.
> 2) KPrintDialog goes away
>   It is replaced with a function in kdeui that creates and returns a
> QPrintDialog. In KDE 4.0 with Qt 4.3, that function will try to set some
> defaults on the QPrinter that is passed as an argument (defaults loaded
> from KDE's configuration). It will also add some extra tabs if it can.
>   A new function is also added that allows the addition of extra dialog
> pages. Here's where it is ugly: this function, in KDE 4.0, will work ONLY
> on Qt 4.3.2 on Unix. It will NOT work on Qt 4.3.1 or 4.4.0. It will NOT
> work on Windows or on Mac.
>   The KDE 4.1 version of this function -- using Qt 4.4 -- will do the
> proper thing and ask QPrintDialog to add those extra pages in such a way
> that it works in Windows and Mac as well, on their native dialogs.

I am afraid I have a problem understanding this: first you say it will not 
work with 4.4.0 then you say it will do the proper thing in 4.4?
Unless the proper thing is not to work I this seems to be a contradiction.

> 3) Print to PDF and Print to PS are replaced by menu entries
>   This should probably be provided as a whole "Send To" or "Export to"
> QMenu standard action from kdeui, that we can extend with .desktop files or
> whatnot.

Is more resonable than "print" anyway. This is basically a left over from 
times where this was the only option to add FAX or PDF to applications 
(especially on Windows where real export is made as difficult as possible to 
support vendor lock-in)

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