Temporary KColorScheme change - hard-code some state colors

pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org
Fri Sep 14 18:17:25 BST 2007

A Friday 14 September 2007 17:52:04, Richard Dale escreveu:
> On Friday 14 September 2007, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> > > The very idea of changing the palette of the widgets of inactive
> > > windows is really, completely, utterly, indefensibly wrong.
> >
> > Then... why is there Inactive in QPalette::ColorGroup? :-)
> I assume if is for showing whether or not the widgets within a window are
> active or inactive.
> If you use it for entire windows, with only one window ever active, you are
> making the entire UI modal. And that is a big change to make. I don't think
> large changes like that should be rammed through into the svn when the
> release is at a late stage, and the consequences have barely been
> discussed. At the very least it should be optional, and not the default
> option.
> In addition, what is the meaning of 'Temporary' in the title of this
> thread? We make large changes the the UI metaphor, and then arbitrarily
> reverse them later?
> -- Richard

sory pressed the send wthout having anything writen.
the idea is that yes it will be optional and highly configurable. 


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