[UPDATE] KDE 4.0.0 Release Schedule

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Sep 10 15:04:39 BST 2007

Riccardo Iaconelli wrote:

Welcome back, we missed you!

> On Saturday 08 September 2007 16:43:23 Allen Winter wrote:
>>> kdebase/runtime/kstyles
>> yes. I recall boemann telling me that oxygen needs a lot more time.
>> Also, oxygen is a release requirement.
> If the oxygen style is a requirement for 4.0, we *do* need someone to help in 
> coding it.
> Good knowledge in this sector would be extreme cool, but not required... we 
> need some manpower.

Yes, manpower is appreciated. At the least, though, I should be able to 
give it a little more love though once the color kcm works.

A KWin crash is like a Finite Improbability Generator... only instead of 
undergarments, all my windows move 4 pixels to the right.

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