KTabBar -- double clicking on empty space

Constantin Berzan exit3219 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 16:46:42 BST 2007

On Sunday 09 September 2007 22:42, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> >++ for two signals and renaming the existing one to
> > tabDoubleClick[ed]().
> Feature freeze, source and binary compatibility. Let's stop renaming
> things.
> Yes, the name is wrong. Deprecate it and add the new one. Don't remove it
> until KDE 5.

Sounds scary :( How many more flaws like that have to live through an entire 
release cycle?...

Here's a preliminary patch. I'm listening in for suggestions / criticism. What 
I don't like is that KTabWidget uses:
mouseDoubleClick(QWidget *) and mouseDoubleClick()
mouseMiddleClick(QWidget *) and mouseMiddleClick()
contextMenu(QWidget *, QPoint &) and contextMenu(QPoint &)

perhaps we should settle for
mouseDoubleClick(int) and mouseDoubleClick()
mouseMiddleClick(int) and mouseMiddleClick()
contextMenu(int, QPoint &) and contextMenu(QPoint &)
in KTabBar as well?

I am confused by the code duplication. When a tab bar is used in a tab widget, 
why doesn't it occupy the entire upper part of it? Why do both KTabBar and 
KTabWidget have their own ways of determining if a point belongs to the empty 
tabbar area?

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