KColorScheme - additional (convenience) ctors

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Sep 4 17:05:04 BST 2007

Allen Winter wrote:
> On Friday 31 August 2007 11:17:51 pm Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> If no one objects, I would like to add additional ctors to KColorScheme 
>> this Monday (September 3). 
> Was this completed today?

No. I took another look at the existing users, and it seems more people 
than I expected are either caching or adjusting palettes (although I 
didn't see anyone actually Doing The Right Thing yet). So I decided to 
delay this, as I'm not sure it is needed (at least in current form; see 
below) after all.

I was already considering porting adjustBackground from 
kdelibs/kate/utils/katesearchbar.cpp to KColorScheme, as this is a 
convenient paradigm that looks like it will allow direct ports of 
several of the existing users (the others... seriously tempt me to add a 
KStateColor class, otherwise we have a Big Mess*; this would have 
/accessors/ that take QPalette/QWidget like the original KCS proposal).

(* rather, we do if QPalette::ColorGroup changes... which it should, as 
it is currently missing a value.)

So I'm going to try to start porting some users locally and see what I 
actually need, and come back with something different for next week.

When in doubt, duct tape!

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