[PATCH] Renaming entries with KDirLister

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Tue Sep 4 15:07:50 BST 2007

On Tuesday 31 July 2007 4:10:55 pm Jeff Mitchell wrote:
> The attached patch fixes a problem that I run into when writing a custom 
> kioslave.

Whatever happened with this patch?
Was it committed?

> Entries (directories or files) are returned from a slave to the 
> requestor via UDSEntry objects.  These objects must have a UDS_NAME 
> property defined; usually this UDS_NAME property is appended to the 
> directory to form the full path/url.
> However, it is possible to define a separate UDS_URL.  If this is done, 
> the UDS_NAME becomes the "display name" shown in a file browser whereas 
> the UDS_URL becomes the actual object URL that is accessed when you i.e. 
> double-click on it.
> At the moment a rename operation on such an object will modify both 
> properties.  If a UDS_URL is set, this is almost certainly not what the 
> user wants to do, as the URL is not visible to the user anyways -- 
> instead, the user wanted to modify the "display name" associated with 
> the URL.  The result is that the name looks correct in the file browser, 
> but links to an invalid URL.
> A couple points:
> * Dolphin (at least) will display the URL instead of the "display name" 
> when the user chooses to rename the file.  This is rather weird 
> behavior, but I'm not sure if this is Dolphin-specific or not.
> * Another way around this, but more hacky, is to call a 
> KDirNotify::emitFileAdded on the directory, causing a re-list.  
> Obviously this can have performance problems, but there is also a race 
> condition between the fileAdded call and the fileRenamed call (that is 
> automatically sent by Job when the slave is finished), so that sometimes 
> doing this works, but not always.  This race condition should probably 
> get sorted out anyways but I so far have not had luck figuring it out.
> Comments appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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