Printing in KDE4 (Was: Fwd: Re: Requesting feature freeze exemption for Gwenview)

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Tue Sep 4 02:17:06 BST 2007

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Sunday 02 September 2007, Thomas Zander wrote:
>> If someone that is knowledgeable about kdeprints internals can stand up
>> and give a detailed way forward, that would be a great start.
> indeed. for all the "it's broken, oh no!" messages i really don't know what is 
> broken and what isn't, 

I'll dig into Bugzilla a little bit for you (that I can do even while on
Windows), and summarize a few bits...

( ... *digging* ... )

> partly because i'm not sure what every feature is 
> supposed to do in the first place ;)

/stupid_me though that the many "WhatsThis" in kprinter did somehow explain
at least 50% of them....

Anyway, for a start, have a look here:

   # unsupported CUPS 1.1.x features:

   # unsupported CUPS 1.2.x features:

   # unsupported CUPS 1.2.x features:
   (I'll try to add a bug report for that in the next couple of days)

The most important one however (IMHO), which seems to break printing
for quite a lot of KDEPrint users, is the "unix domain socket" support
in CUPS 1.2.x

Let me explain:

  * In CUPS 1.1.x you could only have cupsd.conf (one or more) state-
    ments like (for TCP/IP + UDP socket connections):

      Listen localhost:631
      Listen [::1]:631
      Listen *:631         # This one only, while no other is present

  * In CUPS 1.2.x support for unix domain socket connections was added
    (these ones work for local printing only of course, and do speed it
    up, make it more comfortable, and more secure), where you can add
    (or exclusively use) one statement like this:

      Listen /var/run/cups/cups.sock
      Listen /var/run/cups/whatevername.cupssock

    The socket device file will be automatically created by cupsd upon
    starting up, with the correct permissions. Local authentication can
    then also be handled by automatically generated certificates (some-
    thing kprinter also doesn't seem to understand).

Unix domain socket will be used by any local printsystem client (these
are, in the first place, the CUPS commanline utilities like lp, lpr,
lpstat, lpoptions, lpadmin...) to connect to the local CUPS server if
the env var CUPS_SERVER does not contain "localhost" or "",
but "/var/run/cups/cups.sock".

Now, users can of course configure their cupsd to *exclusively* use
a unix socket (and hence, disallow any remote connection from *any*
possible remote client, effectivly blocking any possible DoS attack
or worse. That may also disable the CUPS web interface, of course).

I dunno how current 3.5.7 kprinter and kjobviewer are behaving. Last
I could look, it was completely non-functional for printing or job
management if cupsd was set up like this.

At the very least, the KDEPrint UI should support the setting of the
connection to a local cupsd via a domain socket. Look at the interface

       kaddprinterwizard --kdeconfig
   --> go to "CUPS Server"

(I hope I quote this correctly from my memory), and notice how you can
only set "host" and "port". This should have *both*, a "host:port" part
and a "/path/to/whatever/sockfile" part to use (mutually exclusive, of
course). When I tried to put the socket file path into the host field
and keep the "port" field empty in the past (different consecutive re-
leases of KDE 3.5.x), kprinter crashed...., or it interpreted the path
as a hostname...., or it auto_added a port "0" or "631" to the env var
(it tried to use CUPS_SERVER=/path/to/whatever/sockfile:631")...  In
any case, it didn't print  :-(

I don't know if any of the more "security conscious" distros do use
this setting as their installation defaults yet... but it would break
KDE Printing completely.


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