Permission to break feature freeze for Nepomuk and Soprano

Sebastian TrĂ¼g strueg at
Mon Sep 3 17:58:43 BST 2007

> I don't know about speed, but from what I've seen of the SPARQL query api
> it only returns results as C++ over dbus (as a
> Nepomuk::RDF::QueryResultTable). The query itself is a text string which is
> language independent and fine. So the results are retrieved as xml text,
> marshalled to c++, then marshalled to the dbus wire format. At the other
> end, the are put back into the original c++ classes. In ruby there would be
> a further step where those c++ instances would be wrapped with Ruby
> classes.

you know what else: we can simply write clients for the sopranoserver in any 
language. It is a very simple binary protocol. We will probably have to 
polish it a little if it is going to be public but it is perfectly feasible 
and much faster than XML. And again: having an XML server should be very 

BTW: The Jabber thing sounds very interesting and very close to what is done 
in the Nepomuk project. Would you be interested in talking about the ideas 
with some of the Nepomuk guys who do the same for the Nepomuk Java prototype?


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