Printing in KDE4 (Was: Fwd: Re: Requesting feature freeze exemption for Gwenview)

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Mon Sep 3 17:44:35 BST 2007

On Sunday 02 September 2007 22:00, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Sunday 02 September 2007, Thomas Zander wrote:
> > If someone that is knowledgeable about kdeprints internals can stand up
> > and give a detailed way forward, that would be a great start.
> indeed. for all the "it's broken, oh no!" messages i really don't know what
> is broken and what isn't, partly because i'm not sure what every feature is
> supposed to do in the first place ;)
> perhaps the individuals behind this page:
> could add such a kde4 status checklist there?

The big problem is probably not that it is broken. Like everything that has 
been ported to KDE4 it can be fixed. No, the big problem is that is has been 
abandoned and needs love, it needs a lot of love to become sexy again. 

I am not afraid that printing won't work in KDE4, I am only afraid it won't be 
better than in KDE3.


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