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Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Tue Nov 27 16:17:23 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 27 November 2007 10:23 am, Robert Knight wrote:
> My view is that it is necessary to start by looking at what the tab is
> for.  It solves the following use cases:


> 1.  Joe wants to access his personal documents
> 2.  Ellie wants to changer her computer's settings
> 3a)  Mark wants to look at photos on a CD he has inserted into his laptop
>   b)  Gordon wants to copy some coursework materials from a friends'
> USB key onto his PC
>   c)  Robert wants to look at some KDE patches on his removable
> external hard drive.
> 4.  John wants to get information about his computer

Thank you!

> 1,2 and 3 are the most important.  Kickoff in KDE 3 under SuSE does
> (4) as well.  Supposing we have a user who wants to accomplish one of
> the above tasks, a name for the tab needs to be a chosen which allows
> them to find the right tab quickly.  The emphasis here is on users'
> ability to find things - not whether the tab name accurately describes
> its contents.  If "Star Spangled Banner" got the best results then
> that is what should be used.
> I would expect novice KDE users who want to accomplish (2) to get lost
> here if I called it "Places" - I don't know for certain, as I do not
> have a suitable user to put in front of the computer and test with.
> Therefore I stuck with the tab naming from SuSE's Kickoff.  Following
> that logic it should be called "Computer", because that is what is
> used in SuSE 10.3.

Not really a direct reply to this post, but:

   * My Computer, This Computer, or Computer make sense to me.  Places seems 
rather unintuitive--I don't think it's so much places but instead stuff.  So, 
why not consider:

   * Stuff, My Stuff, Computer Stuff, ... (this is stuff, files, 
documents, ..., as opposed to actions (programs))

Randy Kramer

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