KFileTreeView almost fixed - STRANGE STUFF

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Thu Nov 29 01:11:53 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I have almost fixed KFileTreeView. Its fault was that it didn't sort its 
contents. Despite I <had> it 2 hours ago, I have hit a really f***ing bug or 
whatever that is making me mad.

Okay, I took 2 screenshots to make you cry or whatever:


You will go like: "hey ! it can sort !". Okay. The code at the background is 
what is running. Please note _THE LAST CONNECT_ (connect(d->mModel...). Note 
that the code is completely commented out. It works (but it won't move to the 
current folder when loading the first time the dialog).

Now, take a look at this one:


Now, again the code at the background is what is running. WTF !! For 
uncommenting in the slot (I promise is the only difference with the previous 
file !!) the "QModelIndex targetIndex = pModel->mapFromSource(index);", it 
shows BLANK ROWS ON THE TREE !!!!! :/

You can run kdelibs/kfile/tests/kdirselectdialogtest to test it.

Attached is the patch. You just can play with "#define THIS_IS_FUCKIN_STRANGE" 
or "#define THIS_IS_FUCKIN_STRANGE" to test what is going on.

Guys, please... give me some light...

Rafael Fernández López

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