kwin clients - virtual colorsSupported()?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Nov 27 22:25:25 GMT 2007

Lubos Lunak wrote:
> On Ășt 27. listopadu 2007, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Lubos Lunak wrote:
>>>  If all you need is querying a decoration whether it supports something,
>>> see KDecorationFactory::supports(). This is already done for buttons -
>>> there's one flag for querying whether the client supports announcing
>>> supported buttons :) and then there's one flag per button. You can have
>>> the same for window roles.
>> Ok. aseigo and I talked on IRC, and came up with two recommended solutions:
>> 1. add color types to Ability
>>    + no new API, BC
>>    - all clients must be updated or result will be wrong
>  "or the result will be the default". Which should make it the same like 2a 
> here.
>> 2a. add 'virtual supports(ColorType) const;' to KDecorationFactory
>>    + reuses existing enum
>  Which can be however simple to map.
>>    - BIC
>  BC/BIC shouldn't matter that much, I still want to change something there.
>>    - clients might forget to override it
>> 2b. add 'virtual supports(ColorType) const = 0;' to KDecorationFactory
>>    + reuses existing enum
>>    + clients must override it, more likely to do it correctly
>  Long live copy&paste! I wonder if anybody has started writing a new windeco 
> from scratch in the recent years.
>>    - BIC
>>    - all clients must be updated
>> Lubos, you're the maintainer, what do you think? aseigo and I both
>> prefer 2; aseigo likes 2a, while I lean a bit toward 2b.
>  I would actually prefer 1, since that's exactly what supports() was designed 
> for and should be the one place for it. But I don't insist.

I would prefer 1 also, except that you:
= have to change all clients else have broken stuffs
= have an "understands 'supports(Color*)'" ability, and either:
   - have a wrapper function to hide that from callers, or
   - have to check both in callers

...or do I miss something? If you're OK with changing all clients, then 
I'm OK with 1.

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