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Jakob Petsovits jpetso at
Tue Nov 27 20:33:36 GMT 2007

On Tuesday, 27. November 2007, Hiếu Hoàng wrote:
> On Nov 27, 2007 7:53 PM, Jakob Petsovits <jpetso at> wrote:
> > If someone with a full KDE checkout could provide me with a grep
> > for "\"edit\"" (which is impossible to do in lxr as it ignores the
> > quotes), I could work on replacing those occurrences. Hopefully there are
> > not too many non-icon "edit" strings in there.
>  I ran::
>   find . -not -wholename "*/.svn/*" -exec grep "\"edit\"" {} +
>  over koffice r742202 and got the attached file, which shows 58
> ""edit"" in total.

Supercool, thanks a lot! That, combined with my own checkout of kdelibs, 
kdebase and kdevelop[-platform] should make for a nice starting ground 

Also, the "-not -wholename" trick is great, I did not know that before :-]

> Surprised me that there aren't many edit icons in 
> koffice. I can run again in KDE if you think this won't miss any
> occurrence.

That would be great, yes.
I don't think it will miss occurrences in the code, and anyone who might have 
used the "edit" icon in desktop files totally deserves the icon being broken.
But I'm optimistic that is not the case. (In order to make sure, one could run 
a search for "Icon=edit", but imho that's not necessary.)

The whole icon (re)naming stuff is a best effort process anyways - if we 
manage to get kdelibs+base working perfectly, the rest of KDE/ sufficiently 
and don't cause major breaks in extragear and playground then I think we 
should be alright, for 4.0 at least. My personal opinion, that is.

Thanks for your help,

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