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Matthias Kretz kretz at
Sun Nov 25 20:50:06 GMT 2007

On Sunday 25 November 2007, Sebastian Kuegler wrote:
> > My patches are in. Please help to test it. You can get it with
> > % hg clone
> Whoot, thanks for the perseverance, Matthias! Any idea if the Xine folks do
> plan to release a new version with this fix somewhen soon?

Well, so far the issue is not fixed completely (at least for me). I get 
working ogg if I enable debug logging in the ogg demuxer and the vorbis 
decoder. I only was able to fix it to actually read and process the whole 
file instead of stopping short.

But nevertheless I'd be interested in your findings and if it works for some 
people now. And I'd be very grateful if anybody here has experience with 
helgrind and can tell me how to use it effectively. Because for now I just 
see a veeery big log and only false positives (I've not read the whole log). 
Or any other thread debugging tools.

About the release I don't know. But I'm sure we can have a 1.1.9 soon if we 
ask them. 1.1.x is a bugfix branch only now. All features go in the xine 1.2 
branch (which is source (and binary) incompatible).

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