Smooth previews for open/save dialogs

Thomas Zander zander at
Sun Nov 25 20:08:03 GMT 2007

On Sunday 25 November 2007 20:53:34 Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> > That said, rationally, I'd say this feature has to wait until 4.1 --
> > we're way past feature freeze and this creeping in features needs to
> > stop at some point - no matter how neat something new is. And of
> > course it's in no way critical to a working desktop.
> I had planned this commit for tomorrow. I'd like to know what actually
> do.
> Wait, or commit ?

Well, its a new feature in a feature freeze; I have not seen any good 
reasons to break the feature freeze (no list of complaining people saying 
they loose sleep over this!). It may look cool, but yeah, Sebas has a 
very good point.

So, in short, I think you should make a branch and commit it there so you 
can move it to trunk after 4.0 is out the door. There is life after the 
release :)

Please focus on making trunk releasable.
Thomas Zander
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