Using StyleSheets is bad WAS Re: Konqueror lineedit Bug

Thomas Zander zander at
Sun Nov 25 17:05:08 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 21 November 2007 16:00:23 Lubos Lunak wrote:
> And that
> was half a year ago. Is it really that strange the commit for the
> workaround had "I hate the idiotic useless qt-bugs@ blackhole." as the
> message?

I visited the dot today and saw this great quote from Matthias;
  "Ok guys, I'll implement focus-follows-mind next time and ship a magic 

I felt the same way when I read Lubos' mail. I think its a bit much to get 
upset about this when there actually have not been any releases of Qt 

You know how it is, busy times, lots of work. I guess you know better 
since I still am hopeful you will reply to my repeated mails on this list 
about the width-for-height solution Qt and KDE needs in the window 
manager. :)

And, to conclude, I'll just repeat what I have been saying quite often; 
when you think the report doesn't get the right treatment, just talk to 
one of the KDE-Troll people.
A friendly mail stating why this is a problem for KDE tends to have good 
results to give it the priority that it deserves.
Thomas Zander
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