kde3/kde4 co-installability again

Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at kde.org
Fri Nov 23 20:07:47 GMT 2007

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as a result of the kdesu discussion, i stumbled over a tiny detail: we
still have some conflicts

in runtime:
- kdesu (of course ...)
- k{read,write}config
- kstart
- ktrash
- ksvgtopng
- kinfocenter
- khelpcenter
- kdebugdialog

in kdelibs:
- checkXML
- preparetips

thiago postulates, that this does not matter:
- installs from source need to use separate prefixes anyway. that was
  planned from the start, as otherwise we wouldn't have consciously
  accepted conflicts between build tools like kconfig_compiler in
- packaged installs can use a distro's alternatives system to use the
  newer version.
i tend to agree. of course the second point assumes that the new version
is backwards compatible in every regard. so the primary purpose of this
mail would be reassuring that a) this analysis is correct and packagers
do agree and b) the conflicting apps are indeed drop-in replacements.

on a more or less related note, i'm wondering why kdialog is in apps? it
sure can be considered a runtime requirement for 3rd party scripts?

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