kwin default window button order.

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at
Thu Nov 22 21:29:05 GMT 2007

On Nov 22, 2007 10:04 PM, Knut Morten Johansson <knut at> wrote:
> On 21 November 2007, David Faure
> >Sometimes I wish we had more old-timers...
> >We already did one KDE release with the close button on the left
> >(KDE-2.something I think)
> Not a developer, but a user for a long time and also one that sometimes play
> with the window button order:-)
> You are somewhat correct in remembering the last button fiasco, it was one of
> the betas to KDE 2.0 (Beta 3, KDE 1.92) not 2.x. Mosfet got lots of flames
> for that move(Some for the lack of menu button and the odd non square buttons
> too). That experiment basicly ended up as todays Laptop window decoration,
> when you use it's default button order.
> IMHO the Laptop configuration is a better configuration than Aaron's
> suggestion, but I'm just a grumpy old-timer so...
> Anyway, why not try it out on the next RC to test the waters? At least Aaron
> will not get the usual complaints about Plasma and the stuff he already know
> are not finished there, since those complainers would be to busy complaining
> abut the button order:-)


> Best regards
> Knut

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