KDatePicker improvements

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Thu Nov 22 14:05:33 GMT 2007

On Thursday, 22. November 2007, Hans Meine wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 22. November 2007 14:24:35 schrieb Torsten Rahn:
> > By far most people won't look for the "Week number" but just want to know
> >
> > Year, month, day.
> >
> > So "Week" shouldn't have the same Importance and prominence as other
> > items.
> Right.
> Also, it stands out quite much depending on the UI style - maybe it should
> be more like the month display, which is functionally a combobox, but only
> appears after clicking.  In contrast to that, the week is a regular
> combobox.

Good point... I'll think some more about that.
I believe this is because there are a lot more weeks in there, as opposed to 
only twelve months which have no problem to fit on the screen.

Also, I'll ask the usability list about the "<- month -> <- year ->" approach 
as it seems this is still better than the current one and doable with minimal 
code changes. Let's consider the current patch stalled for now.

> (Maybe it should even be more like the year, where you would just 
> enter a number?  Or even add spinbox controls to that lineedit, also for
> year then?)

That was actually my first attempt - I had a much easier patch working which 
had the year widget as a spinbox, but the conclusion was that it's not ideal 
because horizontal month navigation (left/right) doesn't make a good fit for 
vertical year navigation (up/down).

The bugfixes have been applied - expect me to come back soon with the rest of 
the pending items. For completeness, here's the updated patch that only 
includes the functional changes and leaves out the fixes.

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