kwin default window button order.

Marco Napetti marco.napetti at
Thu Nov 22 13:04:07 GMT 2007

David Jarvie ha scritto:
> On Wednesday 21 November 2007 21:10, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>> no, the layout is:
>> Left: Maximize, Minimize, spacer, spacer, Sticky, Help, Menu (those last
>> three
>> are up to the style very much these days)
>> Right: Close
> Every window manager I've ever worked with has had the menu button at the
> far left. I really don't like KDE breaking what seems to be a de facto
> standard like this. As far as the rest of the proposal is concerned, I
> don't really care - the important thing is the position of the close and
> menu buttons.
Maybe I lost some discussion parts, but I need an explication...

Are those positions configurable by end users?
Or are them wrote inside every single style?
Or are them fixed for all styles (wrote inside the kde-core code)?

I hope the last one isn't true.
Reading this thread I can't understand if the discussion turns around
the default theme button order or the default kde4 button order.

Sorry for my intromission...

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