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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Nov 21 21:16:39 GMT 2007

hey =)

i've started a hotlist on techbase[1] of release critical upstream issues. 
i've started with a couple of the more important ones for Qt4 and the one for 

i'll be maintaining this list (hopefully with help, but even without) to keep 
track of all release critical issues that deal with upstreams. if you know of 
changes to those issues, please go ahead and add information

this is not for security issues, that happens elsewhere. this is not for small 
annoyances or "regular" bugs, we have bug trackers for this. this is not to 
replace a bug tracker, but is needed because most of these issues are tracked 
outside of our own bug system while being critical issues for our release 

the goals are:

* to have a hotlist of _critical_ upstream issues so that we can keep track of 
those during release cycles and so we can also point, for example, our two 
Trolltech liaison people at it rather than bombard them on the mailing lists.

* to avoid our own developers hacking around serious upstream problems 
unnecessarily simply due to lack of upstream communication

i was inspired to do this due to dealing with several patches that did exactly 
the above for exactly the above reasons. something is wrong with our process 
right now, and given my past experience with dealing with e.g. Trolltech it's 
almost purely communication based.

if you think this is a bad idea, let's come up with alternatives but we need 
to do something to address the situation imho.


Aaron J. Seigo
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