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Wed Nov 21 17:18:34 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 21 November 2007 15:21:21 Sebastian Sauer wrote:
> and then stopped once I note, that the list even gets larger if
> KConfigDialog, KCMultiDialog, etc. who inherit it are included in that
> search :-/
> So, now I would suggest to commit the ugly (but compatible) solution 1)
> rather then solution 2) cause imho we are to deep in freez to probably
> break the headers for so much apps + guess it goes beyond my timeframe to
> check+change them all.

Right, it's more than I'd expected.

> So, I would suggest to land the quick+dirty hack + add proper
> doxygen-comments and a "\\\todo KDE5 get right of that dirty hack" now, ok?

+1 from my side. It shouldn't hold us from adding those titles where 
appropriate, of course. JJ maybe? (That would be something for me on a lonely 
evening. ;-))

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