Sebastian Sauer mail at dipe.org
Wed Nov 21 00:54:58 GMT 2007

Tobias Koenig wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 05:18:04PM +0100, Sebastian Sauer wrote:
>> Hi *
> Hej Sebastian,
>> atm it is not possible to disable aka hide the header within a
> What says the HIG about it? Is a page without a header allowed
> at all?

That lead me to finally start to read the great work done on 
http://wiki.openusability.org/guidelines/index.php/Main_Page :)

Through I don't believe that this is a matter of HIG since even if its written 
down, that a _settings_-dialogs should always have a header (didn't found 
such a sentence in the HIG btw), then it would still not be valid if KPage* 
is used for something else. E.g. at KMLDonkey it's used now for the top-level 
widgets rather then a KTabWidget like before what allows us to have on the 
left a list of icons just like kontact has and there it just makes no sense 
to waste space for a header to just repeat what is written on the left 
already imho (kontact has no headers there too as you may know ;)

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