KConfig::addConfigSources is broken

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Nov 19 00:03:51 GMT 2007

On 18.11.07 15:53:09, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > because of this broken symmetry, how is Andreas supposed to accomplish
> > > what he wants: a kconfig file used as a template for reads, with a custom
> > > file to store changes in?
> >
> > the way I posted earlier.
> the way you posted earlier doesn't work. because now instead of having a write 
> problem, he has a read problem. read his issue very carefully and you will 
> see this. this is why symmetry between read/write must be kept!
> > > (b) this is not how it worked in KConfig from KDE3. this will introduce
> > > subtle and unnexpected bugs into software. in fact, as you can see, this
> > > has already happened.
> >
> > this function iirc wasn't in kde3, it was added in r563544, so how
> > does this break kde3 software?
> it breaks with the concept of read/write symmetry that is part of cascading 
> configurations.
> it also didn't apparently work that way before the merge.

?? It did work before the "first" merge - the one I "executed" in
October (IIRC, can't remember the date exactly). The code in KDevelop
dates back to something like summer last year and it always worked until
that first merge (or so I guess, maybe it was the second one done by

> > > so please change this back to how it was. =)
> >
> > ok. so if addConfigSources is called the last file name in the list
> > becomes the most specific file?
> i'm really not sure what you're meaning by "specific", but since it seems to 
> have led to an odd situation in the current code, i'm going to use slightly 
> different terms that are hopefully a bit clearer:
> if addConfigSources is called, the last file should be the one written to 
> since it is the last one read to.
> alternatively, if addConfigSources is called, the file name passed into the 
> constructor should be the one that is read from last since it is the one that 
> is written to last.
> either way, the symmetry between read/write needs to be kept.

Yeah, actually I don't care which file I have to use in the openConfig()
and which file to use in the addConfigSources as long as the symmetry is


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