Konqueror lineedit Bug

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Nov 18 23:11:52 GMT 2007

... also known as "Bug with comboboxes with lineedits inside a toolbar"

   Qt combo boxes don't take into account their lineedit font when calculating 
their size hint, so if you set your toolbar font size to be 8 and your 
General font size to be 20, you will see that the Konqueror location line is 
small but the fonts in it are HUGE, that is, it does not work, because it 
uses 8 for calculating combobox height, because it's on the toolbar, but then 
contents are drawn using 20 because it's the lineedit doing the actual 

I'm not sure this is a Qt bug, as maybe it's a "requirement" that both the 
lineedit and the combobox have the same font, as it really does not make 
sense to me having different sizes there.

So i am asking myself if for lineedits that are in a qcombobox inside a 
toolbar we should use the toolbar font size instead of the general font size, 
that is, it's our bug or a Qt one?

Comments? Suggestions?


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