KConfig::addConfigSources is broken

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun Nov 18 20:47:50 GMT 2007

On Sunday 18 November 2007, Thomas Braxton wrote:
> That's what I was saying, in the code he posted he expects writing to
> be to a file he added with addConfigSources not to the file he opened.
> imho you should be opening the file you expect to write to, not one of
> it's defaults which is what he did.

the point that is being missed here is that read/write is:

a) no longer symmetrical
b) this is a (unnecessary) behaviour change from past KConfig

(a) is true because reading prefers developerTempFile but writing prefers 
projectTempFile. this is an added complexity that makes no real sense 
compared to how everything else in kconfig works. (from a user of kconfig's 
perspective, anyways).

because of this broken symmetry, how is Andreas supposed to accomplish what he 
wants: a kconfig file used as a template for reads, with a custom file to 
store changes in? that is the entire reason for the symmetrical read/write 

(b) this is not how it worked in KConfig from KDE3. this will introduce subtle 
and unnexpected bugs into software. in fact, as you can see, this has already 

so please change this back to how it was. =)

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