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Anton Moiseev benderamp at
Sat Nov 17 11:18:34 GMT 2007

 <kde-core-devel at>Hello,

I wanted to write a plugin that would generate small preview image for a
particular type of files. I thought that that
task is strigi is also about. I have found tutorial for writing strigi

It is fine, but it only shows how to extract text attributes from files. The
existing analyzers examples I saw
also extract only text info from files (even png and bmp analyzers).

I know that the type of attribute might also be
- binary, so I in theory I can
put preview image dump to it, but how should I name it in order to make this
image visible in konqueror (from kde3 or 4 -
does not matter)?

Or, if this is not about strigi, how can write a plugin for konqueror that
would generate image thumbnails (and also
preview image in the file properties dialog)?
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