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Eike Hein hein at
Sat Nov 17 23:52:58 GMT 2007

Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> Compare a typical KDE 3 style to a newspaper page.

That's a pretty good comparision, actually. In newspaper
layouts, too, there has been a trend toward less visible
dividing elements recently, e.g. in Germany's prestigious
FAZ and (I think) in the British Guardian among others
dividing lines between columns have been removed in the
latest visual relaunches.

And the thing is, it takes an artist to be aware of the
graphics trends and expectations of the day as much as
it takes a programmer to be aware of trends in software
engineering - the Oxygen guys know fairly well what
they're doing, what they need is programmer help in im-
plementing it.

Eike Hein, hein at

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