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Kevin Ottens ervin at kde.org
Sat Nov 17 15:55:31 GMT 2007

[This is a resend, I didn't see it was cross-posted]

Le samedi 17 novembre 2007, Matthias Kretz a écrit :
> I need a globally unique identifier for the devices listed by Solid. And
> Solid::Device::udi() is not that.

It is. It is unique for a given system.

> So I added the API and implementation for it, but the HAL implementation
> currently is just proof-of-concept and the fakecomputer.xml doesn't have
> any uniqueIdentifiers for now.
> I need this to fix the problem of initial ordering of audio devices in
> phonon. Without a globally unique identifier I cannot have a "hardware
> database" where the ordering of devices can be "fixed".

Well, really that's IMO too late in the game for such an addition. If you need 
something ad hoc for now use the GenericInterface to make your own IDs and 
hide this workaround deep into Phonon for now. :-)

I'd like to reevaluate this and go toward a real solution post-4.0 (the video 
guys have similar concerns).

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