kwin default window button order.

Diego Iastrubni elcuco at
Fri Nov 16 15:22:51 GMT 2007

On Thursday 15 November 2007 20:12:05 Lubos Lunak wrote:
> On Thursday 15 of November 2007, Diego Iastrubni wrote:
> > I personally think that close location is a question of desktop (windows?
> > mac?) and not of language. I know that the close button on the left of
> > Hebrew enabled windows desktops is very confusing (1), and thus I would
> > like to keep it "always" on the right.
> >
> > What do you think?

>  I can't really comment on that.

(here is what Aaron said)
>onestly, i really don't know as i don't do RTL day-to-day. i'd suggest 
>looking at what other desktops do in these cases and what the RTL using user 
>base would expect (you're one sample of that, obviously =) ... imho we should 
>leave these issues up to those are affected by them
In that case, I would strongly suggest to keep the layouts of all Window 
decorations in LTR more, even in RTL desktops. This is done because of these 

1) The window decorations contain artwork, which cannot be easily mirrored. 
This will lead to having 2 artworks: artwork and artwork_rtl. This has been 
used in KDE3 way too much (for example in the xml files used to load the GUI)

2) This confuses people. "Windows" people want the close button on the right, 
and "Mac" people want the close button on the left. This has nothing to do 
with desktop language.

3) Less bugs. See (1), and also think about the kwin kcontrol module, which 
contains information about the button order (which is broken in KDE3, and I 
guess also in KDE4).

Does anyone object? Should I contact the usability guys/girls?

> > (1) actally it's even lamer, since Hebrew applications will have the
> > close button on the left, and English based applications will have it on
> > the right. Yes, on the same desktop I cannot even know where to click to
> > close a window.
>  No, they won't, the decoration is done by KWin.

The remark is about win32, which means that the decoration painting is done 
in "user space" (by the application), most application will call 
degWindowProc which will eventually do the painting by the operating system. 

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