need BIC and SIC change to phonon

Matthias Kretz kretz at
Fri Nov 16 12:40:42 GMT 2007


I need to fix an interface class for the phonon backends:
VolumeFaderInterface has a slightly different function signature as does 
EffectInterface. As backend implementations for VolumeFaderInterface have to 
inherit EffectInterface anyway, the two functions need to simply be removed 
from the VolumeFaderInterface.

--- volumefaderinterface.h      (revision 737258)
+++ volumefaderinterface.h      (working copy)
@@ -37,12 +37,9 @@
         virtual void setFadeCurve(Phonon::VolumeFaderEffect::FadeCurve) {}
         virtual void fadeTo(float, int) {}
-        virtual QVariant parameterValue(int) const { return QVariant(); }
-        virtual void setParameterValue(int, const QVariant &) {}

-Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE(Phonon::VolumeFaderInterface, "")
+Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE(Phonon::VolumeFaderInterface, "")


PS: I only found this error because I added -Woverloaded-virtual to my 

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