[PATCH] remove useless horizontal scrollbar in kcmshell4

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Wed Nov 14 21:01:18 GMT 2007

Well, patchlet. Currently (in *your* version of kdelibs), some kcmshells look 
like http://vizzzion.org/tmp/kwin/kcmkwin_defaultsize.png (Notice the 
horizontal scrollbar bottom-left). The WIndow Configuration dialogue is of 
course just an example for this behaviour.

The attached patch makes the space the widget in the left column takes some 
pixels larger, so the vertical scrollbar fits in for those pages where there 
are too many modules to fit without scrolling.

I suppose this regressions comes due to slightly broader scrollbar, or Oxygen 
taking a bit more space in general.

Can I commit this?

 http://www.kde.org | http://vizZzion.org |  GPG Key ID: 9119 0EF9 
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