RFC: commit FAM support inside Strigi

Flavio Castelli micron at bglug.it
Wed Nov 14 15:15:39 GMT 2007

Hi, in the last week I've done some huge changes inside Strigi's file system 
monitoring part.
I've refactored some classes and, most important of all, I've added support to 
FAM monitoring system.

In this way Strigi would support file system notifications through:
- polling (enabled by default)
- inotify
- FAM (or gamin, as you know they use the same API and ABI)

My commit will leave "polling" as the default choice, but I hope to switch to 
FAM in the next future.

My changes won't break Strigi's ABI since I touched only "internal" classes.

If you agree I'll commit the changes by next Monday.


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