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Mon Nov 12 12:30:41 GMT 2007

We went through this list, there are some issues you pointed out I don't 
immediately understand.

On Tuesday 6. November 2007 00:13:59 John Layt wrote:
> Reverse landscape/portrait page orientation options (i.e. for 180 and 270
> degrees).

Can you be more specific about this? I don't know what this means.

> I don't like the way the print to file api in QPrinter works, there's no
> explicit way to set and un-set it, instead if you set the filename, then it
> assumes you want to show print to file in the dialog.  KDEPrint allowed you
> to set a default filename to use (e.g. last filename used) but not to
> switch to it when the dialog first shows.

I made a task for myself to make sure the dialog will auto-fill the suggested 
filename based on the document name (QPrinter::docName()). That makes a lot 
more sense to me then to let each application re-invent the wheel there.

> It would be nice to be able to find out what the user really selected in
> copies.  Have to leave QPrinter::copies() working as is (always returns 1
> for CUPS), but an alternative route would be nice.

As you know, the reason its always 1 is because the backend will make sure the 
copies option is honored for you. And thus an application that uses a 
QPrinter can safely ignore this setting.
I'm not sure why you want to know this option.  What usage do you or KDE have 
for knowing this?

> It would be nice to have access to all the selected driver options in the
> Print Dialog / Driver Options so we could pass them along.  More than nice,
> essential.

I don't see the usecase here, maybe we are talking about different workflows 
but how would KDE want to have access to those options and where do you want 
to pass them to?
The QPrinter is the one that talks to the backend (a windows driver, for 
example) so if a user sets an option it will be used.  No need for KDE to do 

The list was really good, thanks a bundle for that and I think you will be 
happy with the stuff that Qt4.4 (and later) will bring for KDE. :)
Thomas Zander
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