Requirements page

Josef Spillner spillner at
Sun Nov 11 16:51:01 GMT 2007


Am Pazar 11 Kasım 2007 17:38:26 schrieb John Tapsell:
btw. does this multi-lingual line look odd?
It's kmail bug #150706

> Josef,
>   You can use   to
> get a list of the packages that KDE requires to build.

That page is an incremental hands-on guide for users rather than an 
architectural approach on what KDE needs (and is designed to run on) to what 
extent and with which version. It is also far from complete, as it only 
covers a few modules, and rightly so (as it's only a starter guide). 
Therefore, I still think it makes sense to complement the starter guide with 
a more comprehensive information page aimed at packagers and integrators.


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