[patch] KConfig on windows/msvc, simplified

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at emailgoeshere.com
Tue Nov 6 23:55:15 GMT 2007

Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> Jakob Petsovits said the following, On 2007-11-06 23:39:
>> On Tuesday, 6. November 2007, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
>>> http://rafb.net/p/8zOqZV70.html
>> rafb is not really a medium that lasts for the life time of a mailing
>> list, or maybe only a few months, or even a few days. If someone
>> wants to look at your code tomorrow at this time, it'll be gone.
> I should use pastebin instead:
No, you should attach the patches directly to the email.  If they're
larger than 40kB, gzip/bzip2-ed.


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