[PATCH] KStandardDirs::findExe()

David Faure faure at kde.org
Tue Nov 6 23:34:39 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 07 November 2007, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> Hi, 
> KStandardDirs::findExe() has currently the (IMHO undesired, but undocumented) 
> behaviour of handling 
> findExe("sh")
> different from
> cd /bin
> findExe("./sh")
> the problem is that the cod ein the latter case looks for "./sh" in each 
> component of the $PATH. This is however not the behaviour the shell exposes: 
> if it contains a path, then its relative to $PWD. 

Looks ok, because bin never has subdirs (right?).
Otherwise one might expect that findExe("foo/bar") finds /usr/local/bin/foo/bar,
like KStandardDirs::locate() works in general (i.e. relative paths are relative to
the directories known by KStandardDirs, not relative to $PWD).

But for findExe I agree, being closer to the shell's behavior seems to make more sense
than being closer to usual KStandardDirs behavior.

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