[patch] workaround customised toolbar reset

Bart Coppens kde at bartcoppens.be
Mon Nov 5 23:27:21 GMT 2007

On Monday 05 November 2007 20:58, Leo Savernik wrote:
> However, not spotting new menu items is actually no problem at all. You
> don't know about them therefore you cannot miss them -> no perceived
> defect.
Sorry, is this some weirdly understandable sense of sarcasm or cynicism you 
are using here? Your position is so absurd I had assumed it could be nothing 
else, but seemingly other people think you actually mean what you say here. 

So could you please clarify if this is all part of some not-particularly-funny 
joke on us, or if you (or part of the KDE community, who knows) really have 
(has) degenerated into this kind of thinking?


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