kate regression test breaks make check

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Nov 5 23:13:38 GMT 2007

make check should work out of the box, preferrably. But it seems that kdelibs/kate
has surprising code that breaks make check:

Executing command chmod ug+x "/d/kde/build/4/kdelibs/kate/testkateregression.shell"
[100%] Built target testkateregression
For regression testing, make sure to have checked out the kate regression
testsuite from svn:
        svn co "https://<user>@svn.kde.org:/home/kde/trunk/tests/katetests/regression"
Remember the root path into which you checked out the testsuite.

testkateregression needs the root path of the kate regression
testsuite to function properly
By default, the root path is looked up in the file
If it doesn't exist yet, create it by invoking
        echo "<root-path>" > /home/dfaure/.testkateregression
You may override the location by specifying the root explicitly on the
command line with option -b

Shouldn't this be called from a shell script or something, but out of the standard "make check"?

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