Upcoming KDE4 VM image - do you (not) want your app included?

Simon St James simon at etotheipiplusone.com
Mon Nov 5 17:25:44 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I'm hoping to release a Beta of "The KDE4Daily VM" reasonably soon, and I 
wanted some opinions on what KDE software should be included.  Full details 
are here:


Re-summarised here:

"In a nutshell - I thought it might be a good idea to provide a Qemu image  
containing a Kubuntu 7.04 install together with a self-compiled KDE4  
install (probably via bittorrent, as the compressed image is around  
the 700MB mark; uncompressed, it is 1.6GB) and updater scripts to  
update the KDE4 install.  Updates will be provided and rolled out by  
myself every couple of days or so,  compiled from SVN.  The user will  
then be able to update to the latest KDE4 just by running the updater  
scripts from within the VM or perhaps, in later revisions, using a GUI  

Now, the current image that I've prepared is very much "everything and the 
kitchen sink", including most of the major modules from SVN, and I'm very 
aware that some developers may not want their apps distributed in their 
current states.  After talking with Aaron, he suggested that I post here and 
see if any module/ app maintainers feel strongly about not having their 
babies included in the image, either due to it being in a difficult stage of 
development, or because they feel that the sluggish environment of a VM would 
be a poor showcase for their project.  This "opt-out" approach is not ideal 
from the point of view of fairness, but it is better than "opt-in" for 
actually getting an image with a rich range of apps.  Or any apps at all, in 
fact ;)

So if anyone doesn't want their app included, please let me know! Do note that 
there will be a disclaimer prominently displayed on the desktop cautioning 
against using the VM with any valuable data.

I am subscribed to the list but probably not white-listed, so there may be a 
delay in replying to any queries.


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