KNotifications and the system tray

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Mon Nov 5 16:21:04 GMT 2007

On Monday 05 of November 2007, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> Le lundi 5 novembre 2007, Will Stephenson a écrit :
> > In KDE 3, Kopete used to show notifications (passive popups mainly)
> > adjacent to its system tray icon.  In KDE 4 this is no longer possible
> > because the KSystemTray is no longer a QWidget, so it doesn't have a
> > winId() method, nor can it be passed to KNotification::event( QWidget *,
> > ... );
> >
> > What was the background to this change (portability)

 Presumably other platforms internally don't use a window to represent to tray 
icon. And it's not possible to get the internal QWidget on X11, even using 
ugly hacks :-/.

> > and what is the way 
> > to do it now instead?  The requirement to notify at/near a systray icon
> > is still present.
> The plan was to make popup appears in a corner of the screen. placing them
> one on top of the other in order to not overlap eachothers.

 I hope KNotification in KDE4 is not just a glorified KPassivePopup. Other 
ways of notifying may need a reference to originating window.

> I don't think it is required to have them link directly to the application
> tray icon, specially because the application icon is in the popup.
> Now, I may understand you want the queue of the speech balloon touch the
> application's tray icon.
> In order to do that, knotify need to know the position of the systray of
> the application.
> Would KWin help in that case ?

 No, the systray is only between the application and the systray container. As 
already pointed out there's geometry(), but I think the right way would be to 
make TT add QWidget* QSystemTrayIcon::internalWidget(). I think I could 
handle the ugly hacks in qt-copy.

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