[PATCH] Simplify plugin writing

Will Stephenson wstephenson at kde.org
Mon Nov 5 16:00:58 GMT 2007

When defining a plugin we use K_PLUGIN_FACTORY and K_EXPORT_PLUGIN macros to 
define its plugin factory and export it as a plugin.  K_EXPORT_PLUGIN is 
defined in kpluginloader.h.  I find #including this counterintuitive as a 
plugin author, and the compiler error when this is omitted had me mystified.  

The attached patch simplifies plugin definition to just #include 
<kpluginfactory.h> and using the macros, by moving the definition of 
K_EXPORT_PLUGIN to a separate file, kexportplugin.h, which is included from 
both *loader and *factory headers.  I have rebuilt kdelibs and kopete with 
this change and both build correctly; is anyone aware of more subtle use of 
plugins that it may break?

Will Stephenson
IRC: Bille
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