WITH_PREFIX for kdemodules?

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Nov 5 15:08:48 GMT 2007

On Sunday 04 November 2007, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> On Saturday 03 November 2007, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > On Friday 02 November 2007, Allen Winter wrote:
> > ...
> >
> > > I think we should
> > > 1) keep the kDebug() warning to please remove the "lib" prefix from the
> > > plugin name. 2) don't prepend the "/lib" on non-Unix... i.e. remove the 3
> > > lines as shown above
> > >
> > > Of course, I really don't know how much this breaks.
> > > But it seems we need to do this for portability sakes.
> >
> > I think there is still the issue that you can't link to a plugin if it
> > doesn't have the "lib" prefix. Is this a problem for us ? (didn't somebody
> > mention konsole ?)
> I mentioned konsole as an example where it might make sense to link instead of 
> dlopen. But I don't know of any code in KDE where a plugin is used as a lib 
> at the same time.

We used to do that everywhere (e.g. in all of koffice), but we had to change it because
it broke things on Mac OS X. So I am quite surprised to read from Thiago that with kde4
and cmake linking to a plugin would actually be possible; this would certainly simplify
things if it's really true...

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