KNotifications and the system tray

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Mon Nov 5 14:45:42 GMT 2007

Le lundi 5 novembre 2007, Will Stephenson a écrit :
> In KDE 3, Kopete used to show notifications (passive popups mainly)
> adjacent to its system tray icon.  In KDE 4 this is no longer possible
> because the KSystemTray is no longer a QWidget, so it doesn't have a
> winId() method, nor can it be passed to KNotification::event( QWidget *,
> ... );
> What was the background to this change (portability) and what is the way to
> do it now instead?  The requirement to notify at/near a systray icon is
> still present.

The plan was to make popup appears in a corner of the screen. placing them one 
on top of the other in order to not overlap eachothers.

I don't think it is required to have them link directly to the application 
tray icon, specially because the application icon is in the popup.

Now, I may understand you want the queue of the speech balloon touch the 
application's tray icon.
In order to do that, knotify need to know the position of the systray of the 
Would KWin help in that case ?
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