Nepomuk and Strigi Kded + KC Modules

Sebastian TrĂ¼g strueg at
Sun Nov 4 09:16:33 GMT 2007

(sending again since the last two times it got rejected as spam, this time 
without attachment)

Hello guys,

I have here a rather big commit for kdebase/runtime/nepomuk that I would 
like to put in next monday. It replaces the standalone app that is the 
nepomukcore with a proper kded module and a kcm for enabling or disabling 
Nepomuk altogether. In addition the kcm can be used to configure Strigi which 
is needed IMHO.
Last but by far least I want to commit the Nepomuk Strigi backend which makes 
Strigi and Nepomuk use the same data. This is what Jos mentioned in his 
Strigi commit that made the Strigi backends pluggable. The backend makes use 
of Soprano to store all data in the Nepomuk data store which in turn uses 
libsopranoindex to create a full-text index of all stored data. That results 
in fast full text queries.
The advantage is that data such as the tags and ratings can also be searched 
by strigi.

However, there are some points to consider:

* The patch introduces some new strings (The kcm)

* Controlling Strigi is not that easy since it is a DBus autostart service. I 
already talked to Jos about it and he thinks it should stay that way. 
Basically that means that there is no reliable way to enable or disable 
Strigi. The only way would be an internal state in Strigi. But then advanced 
users would be confused with Strigi still running if they apparently disabled 
it. Opinions? Solutions?

* With this patch Strigi will always be started when logging into a KDE 
session (unless it has been disabled in the kcm). The same goes for Nepomuk.

Sorry that I bring this up this late.


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