Solid API change request (with patch)

Kevin Ottens ervin at
Sat Nov 3 14:03:02 GMT 2007

Le vendredi 2 novembre 2007, Jeff Mitchell a écrit :
> > * The changes in solid/ifaces and solid/backends are probably
> > unnecessary. The fact that we add the UDI should probably be a frontend
> > only feature. At that point we could have enough information to provide
> > this information... Granted the current organization would have to be
> > slightly adapted in the frontend code. Maybe a cleanup for post-4.0...
> The signal is actually being emitted by the backend, not the frontend.  The
> frontend simply re-emits the signal (signal connected to signal).  So I
> don't quite follow.

My point was that in order to make the backend writing less error-prone, we 
could rearrange a bit the frontend so that it has the responsibility to add 
the udi bit when reemitting the signal (would involve a slot of course). But 
yeah, better keep this as a post-4.0 thing, it's more internal cleanup 

> Another thing: This issue (having to monkey around with pointers and have
> messy code to figure out what's sending a signal since the udi isn't being
> passed) is not actually localized to StorageAccess, it's in many of the
> Solid modules.  See, for instance, Solid::AcAdapter and Solid::Battery. 
> I'm wondering if perhaps a comprehensive update across the board should be
> done.

Well, that'd make sense IMO, at least for consistency and making the 
interfaces signals easier to use. I'd say OpticalDrive is safe to add to the 
list (in the worst case there's only kscd to port), for Button, AcAdapter and 
Battery checking where they're used prior to the change is required before 
going further (so that we can have a clearer view on the impact).

Kévin 'ervin' Ottens,
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