Solid API change request (with patch)

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Fri Nov 2 00:44:54 GMT 2007

On Thursday 01 November 2007 20:35:47 Jeff Mitchell wrote:
> I've made this patch today after talking with Kevin.  The
> Solid::StorageAccess::accessibilityChanged signal doesn't normally
> contain the udi of the device with the changed accessibility.  This
> means that if you want to watch this signal for many devices, you have
> to do a lot of hacking around to store all of the StorageAccess objects
> and find out which one was the emitter of the signal.
> The patch adds the device's udi to the signal, which makes it much
> simpler to figure out which device has had its accessibility changed.
> I've tested this out in my application successfully.

I'm against changing the API if it doesn't fix a bug in this stage. To be able 
to judge this issue in a more informed way:

- Is it possible to do this in a binary compatible way (which doesn't make one 
  puke when reading the code)
- How painful is it shifting this to post-4.0?

I think at this point we should only change the API for really critical 
issues, even if that causes a bit of temporary pain. We cannot introduce 
source/binary incompatible changes, that forces people to recompile and gives 
less time for testing, or it causes problems with BIC that need to be solved 
by a recompile and thus costs even more energy.

IMO, this really is the time to only fix things, and not keep changing 
kdelibs. Besides that, introducing an API change after a release candidate 
is ... not smart. The platform is hard-frozen, and there's a good reason for 
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