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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Nov 1 13:55:15 GMT 2007

On Thursday 01 November 2007, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> Hi,
> after discussion with Thierry we'd like to add another category and use it
> as default for AudioOutput. See the attached patch.

I am not opposing the change but I'd like to ask for clarification.

> Rationale: many apps that don't care for KDE don't care for the category
> (as it doesn't make much sense to them anyway). 

I afraid I don't get this part of the rationale.
As far as I understand Categories have nothing (directly) to do with KDE but 
rather with user experience, e.g. automatically reduced notification volume 
when media playback occurs.

I assume the context of the above statement are Qt-using non-KDE application, 
but, if I take Skype as an example, I'd still expect it to use 
CommunicationCategory, especially since it's well known to be a Qt 

> Patch attached. Comments (also to the name of the category) are welcome.

Since all the other values are "named", what about GenericCategory?


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