[apaku at gmx.de: Threadsafe access to a KConfig object]

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu May 31 23:08:31 BST 2007


forwarding the below message to this list too, as per suggestion from
Matt Rogers.

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we (that is the kdevelop developers) face a threading issue. Currently
the configuration of a Project that is loaded in KDevelop is made
available via a method that has this signature:

KSharedConfig::Ptr projectConfiguration() const;

However as far as we know its not safe to use this method from multiple
threads. The configuration is not changed in these threads, its just

So we'd like to get some ideas as to how we can make the access to the
project configuration threadsafe, without letting each plugin know what
the config files are that are used to create the KConfig object (the
setup code should stay internal to the project class).


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